EasyRedir updates
EasyRedir updates

Little Improvement Smörgåsbord





We wanted to let you know about a few small but helpful improvements we've made around the EasyRedir dashboard.

  • Added a “+ NEW” button in the top-left navigation to make frequently accessed tasks easier to find and perform
  • Reduced clutter in the certificates view by removing most old, expired certificates
  • Significantly improved the source hostnames CSV export
  • Added a “2FA Enabled” badge to users on the Team Members page that have two-factor authentication enabled
  • Improved various pages navigation to make frequently accessed functionality a bit easier to get to
  • Tuned a few colours to be easier to understand
  • Lots of small copy changes to make things a bit more understandable
  • Lots of new and updated help site content to help you get the most of EasyRedir