EasyRedir updates
EasyRedir updates

Announcing General Availability of the EasyRedir API

We are excited to announce the general availability of the EasyRedir API! The API enables you to seamlessly integrate EasyRedir’s best-of-breed URL redirection engine into your custom applications. Regardless of the type of solution it’s integrated with, the API delivers a secure connection to EasyRedir’s backend allowing integrators to build a seamless experience for their users without ever having to leave their existing systems.

Key Features:

  • Create, update and remove URL redirect configurations
  • Monitor the detected and required DNS configuration for source hostnames
  • RESTful API design
  • Support for multiple team scoped credentials to enable easy key rotation
  • Support for idempotent requests for easily retrying failed API operations
  • Cursor-based pagination
  • Predictable resource-oriented URLs
  • JSON-encoded responses
  • Standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs

The EasyRedir API is available to all customers on all plan levels. For more details and how to get started, read the EasyRedir API documentation.